Dentist in Dorking, Surrey


Single Implant

Mrs S. came to us at the beginning of 2010 with a dark front tooth which she’d knocked as a child. After years of not smiling properly in photos, she decided to come and see us to get it fixed. Looking at the photo below, can you guess which tooth is the implant? "I'm delighted with my new tooth, I can't stop smiling", says Mrs. S.

Multiple Implants

Mrs. F came to us not knowing what to do. She was very unhappy with her teeth. She was thinking of having all her teeth removed and replaced with full upper and lower dentures. As you can see, we have given her a beautiful new smile by placing 5 implants and a bridge in her upper jaw. We have been able to save most of her natural lower teeth through extensive periodontal treatment. In Mrs F’s thank you note she wrote, "After an extraordinary journey in your hands I now have a fabulous smile".