Dentist in Dorking, Surrey


Diastema (Gap)

This young female patient had perfect teeth but she was concerned about the gap at the front of her mouth. The gap was closed very successfully using the clearstep system.


This patient lost a tooth some years ago on the left hand side. Their front teeth were very crooked and difficult to keep clean. The space from the extraction was used to provide space to straighten the front teeth. Now this patient can floss and keep their teeth clean much more easily. This will inevitably lead to the teeth lasting much longer (hopefully the rest of their lives) than they would have done in their previous position. A great result from both a clinical and aesthetic perspective.

Mild Crowding

This patient didn’t like the way her front tooth was drifting forward due to the crowding behind. The teeth around the upper arch were pushed out and vertically straightened and the front tooth was moved back into position. If this situation had been left, it is highly likely that this mild crowding presentation would have developed into a severe crowding case which would have been much more complex to treat.