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Sometimes a patient is very happy with the colour and shape of their teeth but it’s just that they are crooked. Orthodontics is a way of achieving a superb look without any drilling! Dipesh is fully qualified in the Clear Aligners Orthodontic System which is a totally invisible way of straightening teeth, whether it’s just one you’re unhappy with or all of them. Often orthodontics is used inconjunction with other treatments such as implants. By using orthodontics we can create enough space to place an implant to improve your whole
smile – now a days anything is possible.

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What are clear aligners?

Clear Aligners is a unique approach to orthodontics that can help you achieve the smile you always wanted – ‘invisibly’. The Clear Aligners System is comprised of a number of different 'invisible' solutions that we use in conjunction with clear positioners, to gently guide your teeth from their present position to your desired result.

Clear Aligners is suitable for ages 7 and upwards, the aesthetic and removable features of the Clear Aligners System are ideal for children, adults or teens who are seeking an ‘invisible’ solution to their orthodontic needs.

What Clear Aligners do?

Clear Aligners clear positioners are excellent at straightening out overlapping, crooked or gappy teeth and combined with the different methods from the Clear Aligners System, this approach allows Clear Aligners to cater to your specific orthodontic needs.

Clear Aligners strives to ensure that when undertaking orthodontic treatment, it impacts as little as possible on your speech and your daily life. This is why Clear Aligners have designed the majority of their approaches to be ‘invisible’ at the front of the mouth as well as being removable.

Getting Started

Contact the clinic for an appointment and we will be able to tell you everything you need to know about Clear Aligners. In the meantime, here’s a little bit of information:

  • You will have an initial consultation where we will answer your questions and have a look at your teeth.
  • We will take impressions of your mouth, some photographs and x-rays, so that a diagnosis can be carried out.
  • At your next appointment, we will discuss your treatment options with you. If you’re happy to proceed, your practitioner will advise Clear Aligners to make your ‘invisible’ braces.
  • Treatment is supplied in stages and are designed to gently align your teeth in incremental stages, so you will need to come back and see us every once in a while, for a check up and a new impression to continue with your treatment.