General Dentistry in Dorking, Surrey

General Dentistry » What is it?

Not everyone wants a dazzling Hollywood Smile. In fact a large proportion of our patients come to us for good quality General Dentistry. Their long term aim is to keep their teeth comfortably all their life. Feedback from our patients tells us that what they like about coming to Dorking Dental Centre is:

  • Seeing the same dentist who knows your mouth, every visit.
  • Getting an honest opinion about work that needs to be done now and work that might need to be done in the future, reducing surprises along the line.
  • Understanding how much it will cost now and in the future.

All our work at Dorking Dental Centre is guaranteed, providing you attend your six monthly check ups. Neggin, Dipesh and Yohan has a very strong philosophy that once a patient spends money on a tooth, that tooth should be there for a long time.

Neggin, Pedro and Yohan work very hard to put together treatment plans for all our patients, whether it’s a check up and a scale and polish or sorting out painful, uncomfortable teeth and gums. Their aim is to get you out of pain as quickly as possible, and through a combination of education and remedial treatment, they can, with your help, get your mouth fit and healthy for the long term.

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