Dentist in Dorking, Surrey


24 April 2018: Please note the following developments at Dorking Dental Centre:

  • Dr Neggin, our lead dentist, is now back from maternity leave after having had a baby boy, Hector
  • From the summer onwards, we will be opening Dorking Dental Centre on Saturday mornings for those of you who find it difficult to come see us during the week
  • We will shortly be offering internet booking, so you will have the ability to book appointments at your own convenience and out of hours
  • Sadly, Dr Dipesh will be leaving us soon to work nearer his home and because he wants to specialise rather than be a general dentist
  • Finally, to remind you, Dr Neggin offers discreet facial aesthetics/ wrinkle reduction treatment for both men and women (botulinum toxin) in the surgery

I hope that our new offerings will add to the quality of care and convenience that we offer you.

If you have any feedback or if any of your contact details need updating, please do not hesitate to get in touch via this email or by phone.

To book any appointment, please call our receptionist, Conor, at 01306 879937.